We’ve seen circular robot vacuums and D-shaped robot vacuums, but the Pure i9 is the first triangular one we’ve encountered. Electrolux has trademarked the design Trinity Shape, and it facilitates better cleaning of the corners, baseboards, and other edges in your home.

It also reduces the vacuum’s footprint: the Pure i9 measures just a hair over 12.5 inches in diameter, making it considerably slimmer than the recent iRobot Roomba, Neato Botvac, and Ecovacs Deebot models we’ve reviewed.

An LCD display showing the time, battery level and Wi-Fi connectivity status are on the top panel. Beneath it is a 0.7-liter top-loading dustbin that pops up easily with the press of a bronze-colored release button.

On the vacuum’s underside are an anti-tangle roller brush and a single spin brush. A pair of retractable wheels allows the Pure i9 to maneuver over changing indoor terrain.
p045294 2048x2048 Electrolux
The Pure i9’s slim profile and unique shape enables it to get into corners and under furniture.

Setup and performance

The Pure i9 ships with only a charging dock. It’s connected and controlled with the Pure i9 companion app, so setup should be as simple as plugging in the dock, setting the vacuum on its charging contacts, and following the app prompts to connect the vacuum to your network.

Emphasis on should: I encountered the same issue many other users have complained about in the Google Play store: the Android app crashes. A lot. In more than a dozen attempts, the aborted repeatedly at various points in the setup process, providing only an “unknown error” message and an offer to “try again.” I eventually switched over to the iOS app, which connected flawlessly on the first try, and then logged into the Android app to operate the vacuum.

The Pure i9 houses a 3D camera in its front bumper that allows it to navigate more precisely than robot vacuums that rely solely on sensory input. It works exceptionally well—the vacuum never once bumped into a chair leg, wall, or other obstacle, clearly recognizing these before impact and maneuvering around them.
pure i9 app Michael Ansaldo/IDG
You can view the robot vacuum’s cleaning path in real time in the app.

Instead of ping-ponging haphazardly around the room, the vacuum stakes out a section of floor and cleans in a back-and-forth pattern until that patch is done, it then advances to another section and so on until the whole job is complete. Often it will pause to assess an obstacle or some other feature of the area it’s cleaning.